Our Treats

Jeffrey’s is proud to present our line of healthy, all-natural treats. You can find these treats in our stores. If you live far from a store, please encourage your local retailer to stock them. You will have a hard time finding some other pet food that was made with quality ingredients like ours. If you want the best for your pet, then you have to start feeding them with healthy food that is actually good for them. Giving them, raw food, bones, and sweets is never a good idea. Making a change in their diet is very important if you are not watching what they are eating. Our treats are specially designed by professionals to give your pet the right amount of healthy nutrients. Make the right decision and surprise your pet with the greatest treat.


 Bonito Flakes

Our dried bonito flakes provide excellent flavor and nutrition for both cats and dogs and will have them dancing around your feet! High in protein and taurine. Available in 1/2oz, 1oz and 4oz containers.

 Freeze Dried Chicken Breast

Our freeze-dried chicken breast is unlike the rest. It has a soft, irregular texture and smells delicious. Made with USDA meat and available in 4oz and 1lb packages. Perfect for both cats and dogs!