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How to Buy Safe Dog Food

Feed your dog with clean and safe food.
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Recent problems have highlighted unsafe dog food, which has sickened many animals in the past. Short of making dog food yourself, there is no way that is 100{b9e341c574339eadadbcd9546154bfec1f68832922c1af69f0a34b0157cffc6e}, but there are definitely things that you can do to give yourself a much better chance of getting a dog food that is healthy and safe. The following are tips for buying safe dog food for sensitive stomachs.

Buy from a trusted store

You are more likely tBuy from trusted stores.o get safe dog food if you trust the store that is selling it. The different stores might be more careful in whom they choose to carry. For instance, I would feel much safer buying a product at Pet Supermarket than from a random person selling at a flea market. Both may be perfectly safe, but you are more likely to have a safe dog food from the more well-known store that has a reputation to maintain. They have a lot to lose if something goes wrong.

Buy the trusted brands

If you buy dog food from a brand you trust, then there will be a better chance that it is safe. There are many brands that are national and have more stringent regulations. Again, they may have a lot to lose if something goes wrong.

Make sure that the package is completely sealedChoose dog food properly.

Do not purchase a bag of dog food if it looks like the package has been opened or tampered with in any way. Even if it is a good brand from a good store, who knows what might have happened to it if someone opened it? Even if it just got opened in shipping and handling and not by any person’s nefarious intentions, the food still could have a problem just by being opened if dirt or bacteria got into it or if it spoiled. Make sure that you buy dog food that is well sealed.

Do not buy dog food from countries that have had recent problems

Much of the dog food that has been in the news recently with problems has been from specific countries. You may want to avoid purchasing dog food from those countries if they are not as careful with their regulations. Many countries do have regulations and inspections, and you may want to purchase from one of those more trusted sources.

Most pet-owners want to be certain that they purchase safe dog food for their canine friends. Buying from a trusted store, buying a well-known brand, buying only fully sealed items and avoiding countries where there have been recent problems are some ways you can increase your chances of having safe dog food.