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How To Introduce Your Dog To A New Bed

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Dogs are considered man’s best friend and have been for thousands and thousands of years. Anyone who is a dog lover knows full well how important it is to provide them with a nice comfortable bed to sleep on however; introducing them to new bed is easier said than done.


Steps to introduce your dog to a new bed

As pointed out earlier, getting your dog to get used to their new bed is not a straight forward process because they will not curl up on it as soon as you bring it out for them. A little bit of encouragement is needed especially if it is their first bed. They might look at the bed and not understand what to do but below are a few strategies that will help you introduce your dog to their new bed.

Ensure that the new bed you bought for them smells a lot like home

Dogs are very sensitive to smell and will often recognize something they are used or accustomed to because of the way it smells. Anything that is new will smell foreign to them and as an owner, you can try rubbing the new bed with your hands or putting something that belongs to you on it like old pieces of clothing. If the dog has a blanket, that is even better because you can simply take their old blanket and put it on the new bed so that they know it belong to them.

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Ensure that the new bed is a place of happiness for your dog

This is a very straight process and simply adding treats and toys to the chew proof dog bed can do it. Giving your dog praise while they are on the bed will make them feel very much at home.

Place the bed in a location where your dog is familiar with

dog bedThe one thing that dogs enjoy doing is taking naps especially in the afternoon. Placing the new bed where your dog usually enjoys their naps does help them get used to it quickly even if you decide to change the location of the bed later on. Always let them get emotionally attached to the bed before you move it because it will not make sense moving it while they are still in the process of getting accustomed to it.

You can always trying removing the bed’s leg

If a bed has legs on it, it will be slight higher and your dog may become wary of that as well as the texture. If you notice that your dog appears confused about their new Kuranda bed, take the legs out. When your dogs gets used to it being close to the floor, you can reattach the legs again.

When your dog gets the hint that the new bed you bought for them is a comfortable place meant especially for them, they will make full use it at every available opportunity. Next time you buy a new bed or thinking of getting one for your dog, follow the tips above to help them fit in.